Inspiring Spring Hair Colors 2017πŸ’ˆπŸŒˆ

If your wanting to know one of the top Spring hair colors of 2017. I’ve got one for you according to Elle fashion magazine. Its name is divine toosweet strawberry πŸ“. As seen on this model it has hints of light blond.

This color can be custom made to any human hair extensions to creat more volume and length. If your wanting to do a full head extensions in this color you will need atleast 3 bundles. Not wanting such a permanent extension install. I suggest the halos or clip-in extensions. The halos are just a band on hair worn exactly like a halo. The hair is pulled over the band.

This color is definitely a show stopper with its vibrant hint of red. You will want a 7a grade of hair when wanting colors added.

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